St. Ann's High School


Sisters of St. Ann live and realise educative charity in the awareness of being an instrument of Divine Providence for every person, especially for the young girl accepting her as she is, in order to help her to become a whole person. It is our aim to educate the young; to form in them the woman and the family of the future.

Even the name Sisters of St. Ann of Providence expresses our charisma; Ann, signifies grace, recalls a free gift of God; Providence indicates care and love of the Father for all His creatures. Thus these two titles delineate the characteristics of our educative charisma; we are the sacrament of the educative love of God for His people, through a particular style of presence and of action that recalls the maternal solicitousness of St. Ann towards Mary the Mother of Jesus.

We the sisters of St. Ann commit ourselves to impart healthy education of body and mind to all those who enter into our portals.


St. Ann's is a co-educational High School founded in 1983. It is a Government recognized educational institution run by the Catholic Minority community and is under the direction of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Ann which conducts several schools in various States in India. It comprises of ten standards and in the tenth standard it prepares pupils for the Secondary School Certificate Examination of the Gujarat Secondary Board. It also prepares children for the Government Drawing Examinations, Sanskrit, Hindi and Gujarati Public Examinations.

Aims & Objectives

The school is primarily meant to provide Catholic children with sound education based on religious and moral values. Nevertheless other pupils may also be admitted with due respect to their religious feelings and freedom of conscience. However external worship other than Catholic is not allowed on the school premises. Religious instruction is given to the Catholic students whereas moral instruction is imparted to the non-catholic students.

 Discipline, regular and hard works are insisted upon not for the sake of external formality but for the right formation of character of our students, which is the chief aim of our institution. Thus we strive to mold the personality of each and every student to be worthy citizens of tomorrow.


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